Your most reliable invisible assistant.

Launching 2022

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Algernon is the first truly automated clinical intelligence solution for behavioral health. Best of all, it’s free.

It seamlessly integrates with your practice, becoming your invisible guide. Keeping watch, always.

How Algernon works:

Algernon uses advanced technology to monitor your data sources. When new data is added, Algernon will fit that data into the larger puzzle, and proactively alerts you when things need attention.

Safety net

Algernon monitors your caseload and your interactions with it. It makes sure that no one falls through the cracks.


Move beyond spreadsheets with bleeding edge tools like AI and predictive analytics to stop problems before they happen.


Never lose track of a signature ever again. Algernon will let you know when you are compliant so that you and your team can rest assured.


Improve cost savings and time efficiencies, so that you can focus on exceptional care for your patients.

Patient privacy and confidentiality are a bedrock of Algernon’s platform and core values.

Your practice relies on confidentiality, and so does Algernon. Your patient’s personally identifiable data is always under your control, protected by industry leading security standards.